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Marianne Willis


Genres: Paranormal Romance

As a full time housewife and mother, Marianne Willis daydreams in her spare time and turns those dreams into novels. Happily married to the biggest smart-ass on earth, she lives in Sydney, Australia and can’t imagine living anyplace else.

Aside from writing, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her church community. Lover of Lychee Martinis and antipasto platters, and a big fan of romance novels, chick-flicks, and her crazy best friend, Marianne enjoys the real world as much as her inspirational imaginations.

You can find her published works at The Wild Rose Press.

Released Titles


Killer Temptation – Released May 2013

Brianna Johnson did not expect to fall for Tristan Delacroix. But she never thought he would kill her sister either. Despite her feelings for him she must act. With a spell created for deadly revenge, one kiss will end her vampire lover’s life…or will it? From the first bite, Tristan knew Brianna was his moitie –the other half of his soul, his mate. Now that he’s tasted her blood no other will do. But how can he capture her heart when she detests him? His time is running out and more than love is on the line. Confined to his underground city, Brianna must fight the temptations she feels or risk losing not only her loyalty to her family but her heart as well.

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Hateful Desire – Released December 2014

When Amber Johnson places a spell on a werewolf, the last thing she expects is to be attracted to him. Her main concern is finding her missing cousin, and if she must imprison the pompous shifter to do so, then so be it.

Chayton Locklear has hated Amber for years. Now that he’s been placed under her spell, his animosity only grows. Payback is a bitch, and he can’t wait to give her what she deserves.
With a twisted turn of fate, both their worlds are about to crumble as Amber and Chayton discover just how fine the line is between love and hate.

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Save Me Sinfully – Released July 2012

Alluring as an angel and devious as a demon, he is Deacon Samuels…a Deprecari. The righteous archangels are finally prepared to give him immortality. About damn time! But nothing comes easy and Deacon must work for it. Protect church-loving librarian Angela Corbett from the demons chasing her and immortality is his. Simple? Not really– Unlike Deacon, who has accepted both his angelic and demonic instincts, Angela wants no part of evil. She may be a Deprecari, but that doesn’t mean she has to give in to the darkness. Together, they encounter a desire so hot not even Hell can handle the heat. But just how far will Deacon go to protect Angela, and in doing so could he ultimately risk his chance at immortality?

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