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We are writers who love coffee, wine, and a good book.

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Isabella Harper

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Michaela Miles

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Kishan Paul


Nessie Strange

Nessie-Strange_Living-Dead-Girl_240px Nessie-Strange_Reaper-Madness_240px Nessie-Strange_Valentines-Heat_240px

Valerie Twombly

Valerie-Twombly_Eternal-Flame_240px Valerie-Twombly_Fatal-Desire_240px Valerie-Twombly_Primal-Hunger_240px Valerie-Twombly_Divine-Passion_200px Valerie-Twombly_Amazon-Heat_240px Valerie-Twombly_Emerald-Fire _240px Valerie-Twombly_Midnight-Surrender_240px Valerie-Twombly_Spanish-Nights_240px Valerie-Twombly_Taken-By-Desire_240px Valerie-Twombly_Fall-Into-Darkness_240px

Marianne Willis

Marianne-Willis_Save-Me-Sinfully_240px Marianne-Willis_Killer-Temptation_240px Marianne-Willis_Hateful-Desire_240px

Aubrey Wynne

Aubrey-Wynne_Merry-Christmas-Henry_240px Aubrey-Wynne_To-Cast-A-Cliche_240px Aubrey-Wynne_Petes-Mighty-Purty-Privies_240px


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